Skillshare runner-up award for Ceri George

Skillshare runner-up award for Ceri George

We are thrilled to announce that our Skillshare partner, Ceri George has received the ‘Skillshare Runner Up’ Award, awarded by Cheshire West Voluntary Action.

Through Skillshare, Ceri was approached to support OPAL Services in a major initiative, to led us through an exercise that included re-branding along with the consolidation of statements about our key messages, our values and how we are perceived. For us this was a massive undertaking and as we lacked the in house expertise and experience, we looked to Skillshare for help.

Ceri George took control with confidence, enthusiasm, flair, and more than anything, competence.

Once we agreed on the need to develop our brand Ceri worked with us through a process and brought design ideas to fruition, guiding us  in how to present our ‘new look’. She compiled  an informative guide on language, colour fonts and how and when to use our logo. She also helped with a photography brief that is in line with our aspirations.   

Ceri has shown how she leads from the front whilst maintaining our motivation and enthusiasm, in what has been quite a complex process for us. Without her expertise and assistance we would not have completed the process.

Not only has she shown incredible generosity in giving us so much of her valuable time,  but she has also shown enormous dedication and produced inspirational creative work that we, as an organisation, are proud to showcase.

The nomination for Ceri was unanimous throughout our trustee and staff group, which just goes to show how highly Ceri’s work is regarded across OPAL.

Thank you Ceri, we really do value all that you have, and continue to do for us.