Our Staff


Zoe Blocksidge zoe.blocksidge@opalservices.org.uk 07562 619 275
Julie Ennis  julie.ennis@opalservices.org.uk 07512 632 515
Samantha Moggan sam.moggan@opalservices.org.uk 07856 095 611
Brenda Platt brenda.platt@opalservices.org.uk 07851 104 210
Jean Toyn jean.toyn@opalservices.org.uk 07923 425 239
Joy Walker joy.walker@opalservices.org.uk07567 508 280


Morag Hutson morag.hutson@opalservices.org.uk 07907 389420

Volunteer Coordinator

Janet Handley janet.handley@opalservices.org.uk 07592464856

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    When you contact OPAL services using this form, your personal contact details will be transferred over the internet. Your personal data will be used by OPAL Services solely for the purposes of contacting you about your query. Your information will be held on our servers but will not be otherwise stored or used by us. We will not use your information for marketing purposes. Please see our members privacy notice for more information about the way we use your data.

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