Our Mission and Values

Our Mission is to offer accessible, enjoyable and enabling activities for older people in rural West Cheshire, in order to reduce isolation and loneliness. We aim to benefit older people and their carers who may be housebound and / or socially isolated, and who find it difficult to be part of their community without the support of others.

We aim to be:

We’re about making individuals feel a part of our family and become more connected to others in the community. We help to build friendships and provide companionship and enjoyment and fun are central to what we try to achieve. We do all this in a warm and caring way.

OPAL wants everyone, volunteers, members, the people who use our services and staff to feel welcome and accepted. We are all part of the OPAL family and recognise that everyone has a contribution to make. We’re receptive to new ideas and ways of doing things and are open and transparent in the way that we operate.

OPAL makes each person feel like an individual and values them for who they are. We listen to each other and respect people for their age and experience.

We challenge the misconceptions that society has about older people. We want to renew people’s confidence and empower them to focus on what they can do We want to help them get the most from life and feel a sense of purpose to their day.

We’re dependable and reliable-there when people need us, can be counted on to support and encourage them.

At OPAL, we think about you, not just your age!