OPAL Clubs

OPAL Clubs provide a weekly opportunity for older people, aged over 70, to get out of the house and to enjoy the companionship of others, with plenty of tea, biscuits, chat and laughter thrown in.

Some may have difficulty accessing transport, are at risk of loneliness or social isolation or may have a carer. A fun and varied range of activities is organised and at most Club’s a hot 2 course lunch is served. Transport to and from the Clubs can be provided if needed by our friendly volunteer drivers. 

Clubs are currently running in the following locations:

Monday- Kelsall OPAL Club, Kelsall Methodist Church, 10am-2pm, £15 charge, lunch included.

Tuesday- Frodsham OPAL Club, Frodsham Methodist Church, 10am-2pm, £15 charge, lunch included, open 3 weeks our of 4.

Tuesday- Tattenhall OPAL Club, Community Room, St.Albans Church, Tattenhall, 10am-2pm, £15 charge, lunch included.

Thursday- Malpas OPAL Club, Craddock Court, Malpas, 10am-2pm, £15 charge, lunch included.

Thursday- Tarporley OPAL Club, Deeside Ramblers Hockey Club, Tiverton, 10am-2pm, £15 charge, lunch included.

Thursday- Helsby OPAL Club, Alvanley Village Hall, 10am-12pm, £6.50 charge.

Sessions are arranged by a local organiser, but the Clubs couldn’t run without our dedicated team of volunteers, who help in a variety of roles: leading sessions, cooking, driving, activity planning and generally helping.

For more information

about Kelsall, Frodsham or Helsby Club contact Zoe Blocksidge, 07562 619 275, zoe.blocksidge@opalservices.org.uk

about Tattenhall and Malpas Club contact Alison Shackleton 07851 104 210, alison.shackleton@opalservices.org.uk

about Tarporley Club contact Alice Leech 07512632515 alice.leech@opalservices.org.uk

Alternatively please use our Enquiry Form Or email contactus@opalservices.org.uk 

O if you would like to volunteer with OPAL, contact our Volunteer Coordinator volunteering@opalservices.org.uk.

What our members say about our OPAL clubs:

‘A great place to meet old friends and new.’

‘Great company.’

‘The best Club I’ve ever been to and I’m in my 90’s.’

‘I wake up in the morning and think “what day is it …..?” then think, ”Oh good, it’s Thursday, club day.’