About Us

Rural Community Services (West Cheshire) (RCS)

RCS was established as a charity in 2011.

Our mission is to offer accessible, enjoyable and enabling daytime activities for older people in rural West Cheshire, in order to help reduce isolation and loneliness of older people in the areas where we provide our services.


We provide a range of services for older people in our local rural communities:

OPAL Clubs

We run 6 OPAL Clubs, in Frodsham, Helsby, Kelsall, Malpas, Tarporley and Tattenhall. Members of OPAL Clubs are older people living within the host villages and their surrounding rural areas. More about OPAL clubs.


BreakTime is a service which aims to ‘give a break’ to unpaid Carers of older people living in the rural areas covered by RCS. More about Breaktime.

Go Online

The GoOnLine service is aimed at providing access to the internet for OPAL Club members and other older people in rural areas, and potentially their family carers, to foster their use of the internet to pursue their personal interests and to help reduce isolation. More about GoOnline.

New Horizons

New Horizons is  a service covering the Frodsham area for people (over 50) who are having difficulty joining in with community activities without a practical and individualised support service. Our aim is to provide volunteer “buddies” who will help members to take up new hobbies and interests or reconnect with an old pursuit they’ve not been able to enjoy of late.

What’s Cooking

What’s Cooking is a community club aimed at helping older people to renew their interest and skills in cooking and to do so in good company and whilst having fun.


Our Staff


Zoe Blocksidge                           zoe.blocksidge@opalservices.org.uk        07562 619 275
Brenda Platt                                brenda.platt@opalservices.org.uk            07851 104 210
Carol Hitchen                             carol.hitchen@opalservices.org.uk           07851 253 587
Jean Toyn                                    jean.toyn@opalservices.org.uk                  07563 156 220
Julie Ennis                                   julie.ennis@opalservices.org.uk                 07512 632 515


Linda Middleton                        linda.middleton@opalservices.org.uk     07851 214 163


RCS Board of Trustees 

P Cllr Gill Clough                       gill.clough@opalservices.org.uk               01829 733 545

P Cllr Jane Colville  (Chair)       jane.colville@opalservices.org.uk            01829 752 607

P Cllr Doug Haynes                   dhaynes10@timetalk.co.uk                        01829 771 400

P Cllr Pat Holder                        holder59@btinternet.com                          01928 727 384

Ilene Hoyle                                  ilenehoyle@gmail.com                              

Roger Parrott (Secretary)         roger.parrott@opalservices.org.uk          01829 733 545

Gill Swash                                    gill.swash@opalservices.org.uk                 01928 733901

Mary Thompson (Treasurer)   mary.thompson@opalservices.org.uk     01829 733 642

P Cllr John Webb                       johnwebbmalpas@hotmail.co.uk             01948 861 019


Public Reports

Trustees Annual Report 2016

Annual General Meeting 2016

Trustees Annual Report 2015

Annual General Meeting 2015 Minutes


Annual General Meetings

Our 2016 AGM was held on Wednesday October 26th 2016 at Kelsall Methodist Church Hall, Chapel Bank, Kelsall, Cheshire, CW6 OQS.

Our next AGM will be held on November 29th 2017 at 9.30 am at the Barbour Institute, Tattenhall.

All members of the public, including our members, service users and volunteers, are welcome to attend.