OPAL Activity Packs

One of the aims of OPAL is to provide social opportunities for older people whether it is face to face (covid rules permitting) or remotely. OPAL recognises that trying new activities and interests boosts a person’s wellbeing.

During the pandemic many members missed the activities that usually fill their club sessions, whether it be reminiscing a chance to be creative or a chance to learn something new.

In August 2020 we began offering activity packs to our members covering subjects such as reading and writing activities, reminiscence, quizzes and puzzles, adult colouring, card making and craft and keeping healthy. These packs were distributed every 2 months and a bonus activity accompanied every pack. Bonus activities have included ‘Knit for OPAL’, a ‘What’s Cooking’ activity and music.

Following the success of the first pack, the activities were offered to members from all OPAL services and members’ feedback suggested ideas for activities for the future and to provide packs with the most appropriate content for each member.