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Coming to Face to Face OPAL Services – What to Expect.  July 2021

OPAL’s face to face services are opening up again – hurray!

We are so pleased to be able to meet people face to face again, but we are aware that the epidemic is not yet over, so in order to continue to keep everyone as Covid-safe as we can, we have a number of new procedures for members to follow.

Please do not come to any of our face to face services if you, anyone you live with, or anyone who comes into your house on a regular basis, has a headache, runny nose, sore throat, sneezing, flu, cough or any other Covid symptoms.

Please ring your Organiser to let them know this. 

Our commitment to you

  • All our staff and volunteers are double vaccinated.
  • All our staff and volunteers take Covid Lateral Flow Tests before they come.
  • All touch points in the venues we use e.g. door knobs, chair arms etc. will be sanitised prior to your arrival.
  • Windows and doors will be kept open all the time to allow good ventilation in the room.
  • If a volunteer gives you a lift, you will be asked to sit in the back of their car and wear a mask. They will drive with the car windows open.

Our request to our members and visitors

We believe that all of our members are double vaccinated. This means that if they get covid, their symptoms are likely to be less severe but it is still possible unknowingly to transmit the disease to others, so:

Before you enter the building (café, Club, church hall etc) we will ask you to:

  • put on a mask before you come into the building
  • sanitise your hands at the entrance
  • permit us to take your temperature
  • keep 2 metres apart from others
  • follow any one-way systems the building may have

When Indoors

Chairs will be placed 2 metres apart and outdoors 1 metre. Please do not move them closer to anyone else. 

Once you have sat down, you may take your mask off if you wish too. If you get up and move around, you will be asked to please put it back on again.

Please do not share anything (e.g. pens, cushions, blankets) with anyone else without asking for them to be sanitised first.

Drinks and refreshments are included. The cost of the event will be £5.00.

After the event

If you become unwell, with symptoms such as a cold, runny nose, sneezing, a cough or other Covid symptoms 2 – 4 days after your visit to our service, please contact your Organiser immediately. Please also ask someone to give you a Covid Lateral Flow test.  Test kits are available from your local chemist.

We thank you all for your part in helping us make face to face events a success and in keeping yourself and others safe.

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