What’s Cooking

“What’s Cooking” is a community club where people with an interest in food and cooking can meet and enjoy the company of others who share their interest and passion.

 The clubs are run by volunteers who share their own knowledge of cooking and food to create sessions which are interesting and stimulating, whilst keeping a relaxed and friendly atmosphere for participants.

The principal aim is to help older people to renew their interest and skills in cooking and to do so in good company and whilst having fun. Anyone with an interest in cooking is welcome.

Frodsham “What’s Cooking?” : the group meets on alternate Tuesday afternoons at 2.30pm at Frodsham Methodist Church.

Join us on: 10th September; 24th September; 8th October; 22nd October and 19th November.

Helsby “What’s Cooking?” : the group meets on alternate Wednesday Mornings.

We will be meeting on 11thSeptember; 25th September; 9th October; 23rd October; 6th November or 20thNovember.

Farndon “What’s Cooking?” : the group meets on alternate Friday mornings at 10.30 at Farndon Memorial Hall. 

Join us on: 13th September; 27th September; 11th October; 25th October; 8th November; 22nd November.

If you would like to know more details about becoming a member, or a volunteer at any of the three groups, please contact Julie Ennis, OPAL organiser on 07512 632515, email julie.ennis@opalservices.org.uk