OPAL Lottery

The October lottery draw took place today at Malpas OPAL club and the lucky winners were:

1st Prize – £125: Ticket No: 355  – Barrie Evans

2nd Prize – £80: Ticket Number 314 – Spencer Jones

3rd Prize – £40: Ticket Number 258 –  Brenda Platt


Congratulations to all our winners.

The next draw will take place at the end of November.


The OPAL Lottery is just one of the ways in which Rural Community Services raises money in order to maintain and improve services for older people in the rural community.

Annual Lottery tickets are available at £12 and will run from July to June each year.  Tickets bought part way through the year are priced at a reduced rate per number of months remaining to be drawn. See table below.

Draws take place every month.

Prizes are fixed at 1st – £125, 2nd – £80 and 3rd – £40.

Ticket prices for purchases part way through the year are shown below.

July £12 October £9 January £6 April £3
August £11 November £8 February £5 May £2
September £10 December £7 March£4 June £1

For further details or to purchase tickets please email: lottery@opalservices.org.uk